About Kathryn Grogan

Before she added college
to her workload in 2004,
Kathryn already had many years
of investigative experience.

Throughout college 2004-2008,
she built her business and increased
her skills around her education hours,
available only on weekends to serve you.

Since graduating college in 2008,
she has been available to serve
you days, nights, and weekends.

She also completed a state-approved
8-week polygraph academy in 2004.

The unique mixture of a decade of experience combined
with the alertness of a person in her 20s makes
her the best choice for your investigative needs.

Much of her surveillance work is for other licensed PIs who
value her work as it makes them look good to their clients!

Virtually no other licensed PI can say this:
She is the third generation
of full-time investigative
in her family.